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Which Anti-Aging Cream Actually Works?



Creams, these days, apart from just having anti aging properties, also have multiple skin benefits. Many dermatologists have researched about hot selling anti-aging creams and came to an inference that anti-aging creams do work efficiently in staving off those years to reveal a firmer, smoother and brighter skin!


Ranging from creams to serums, day cream to night cream, these creams are all the rage these days. You need not go for a botox or a facelift if you choose your skin cream wisely. Dermatologists also recommend that there is no need for you to spend a fortune on these creams, instead just be mindful and just check their ingredient list. If your cream has those ingredients, then just go for it. It doesn't matter if the cream has been purchased from a chemist, a skin doctor or a fancy luxury brand. It must contain active ingredients like retinoid, ceramides, anti oxidants, vitamin c and so on.

Which ingredients to look out for?

Retinol/ Vitamin A


Vitamin A is a miraculous skin saver when it comes to protection from environmental assault. Consuming foods with Vitamin A or applying it topically is bound to improve your skin condition. However, when applied topically, it directly works upon the target area and otherwise, consuming it, shall also yield benefits, but at a much slower pace.

Retinol does wonders to your skin by reducing pore size, evening out your skin tone, reducing puffiness and wrinkles. However, give it enough time to do its work. It usually take about 1-1.5 months for retinol to begin healing your skin from inside out. Be patient! Its years of sun, chemical, stress damage it is dealing with!





The purpose of a cream is to not moisturize your skin but lock in the moisture that is already present in the skin layers. Imagine your skin cells as bricks and the space between them as cement. The ceramides works as cements to make your skin firmer. These retain the moisture and protect the skin from environmental assault.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C contains ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid removes the dead cells, brightens your skin, give it an even tone and removes tanning. It also works as a toner.

You can make it at home by using just these 3 ingredients-lemon, glycerine and rose water. Mix all three in 1:1:1 ratio and store it in a sterilized bottle. Use it on your face, twice a week. You will notice visible changes within a month.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E begins depleting from your skin as soon as you expose yourself to sun, even for a short duration. By the time you run errands like going to the supermarket from the parking lot, your skin has already lost half of its Vitamin E.

Vitamin E provides your skin with essential nutrients which make your skin firmer, supple, reducing marks and dark spots.


Collagen Molecules

Collagen is a type of protein abundantly present in our bodies. It is present in your tendons, ligaments, digestive system. It gives your skin its structure and elasticity. The best skincare creams in the market are laden with collagen molecules. These collagen molecules are broken down by the manufacturers into small fragments so that your skin is able to seep them in properly.



Aloe vera is soothing to skin. It is suitable for all skin types as it is non-greasy. Aloe vera contains a growth hormone that speeds up the process of cell regeneration. Aloevera contains many anti-oxidants that make the skin firm, increase its flexibility, leaving it hydrated.

If still pondering about which cream to go for then you can without a doubt opt for best Creme de La Jolla anti-aging cream, it is an anti-aging cream that is formulated using clinically proven ingredients that are naturally extracted. It reinforces the skin’s elasticity, reduces fine lines & wrinkles and makes your skin look younger.

Do not fret! Stay stress-free! Be comfortable in your own skin and age gracefully!

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